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Genesis  -  Genesis is a World of Warcraft raiding guild based on Silvermoon-EU. We are on t...
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World of Warcraft - PC - Silvermoon (EU)

Silvermoon (EU) - PvP, PvE

Class Requirements (Level 100+)
class Demon Hunter
spec spec
class Druid
spec spec
class Mage
spec spec spec
class Monk
spec spec spec
class Paladin
spec spec spec
class Priest
spec spec spec
class Rogue
spec spec spec
class Shaman
spec spec spec
class Warlock
spec spec spec
class Warrior
spec spec spec
Progress Ranking (Tier 19)
World: 961   Region: 594   Realm: 16
Recruitment information
About Genesis:
We are a guild whose aim is to find balance between progressive raids, fun and real life. That being said; Genesis is an organization orientated towards achieving excellence in raiding progress on our raiding bracket of choice, the 3 days raiding. Our main power is the fact that we are a group of like-minded individuals who want to be the best they possibly can, whilst raiding as little as we do. The core of the guild is together for a really long time, the guild is 10 years old by now and 12 hours of focused raiding per week is enough for us to be counted as one of the best guilds on Silvermoon & an established leader on the 3 raids/week raiding scene. The guild is based on the Alliance side of Silvermoon-EU, our server is the most competitive English speaking Normal(PvE) server in European realms, in terms of raiding progress, for many years now. We have a long-standing tradition of clearing all available PvE content within a reasonable time frame for our rather limited raiding hours and achieving ever-increasing progress rankings in the process.

Raiding schedule:
Wednesday: 20:00-00:00
Thursday: 20:00-00:00
Monday: 20:00-00:00

What you can expect from us
  • Cutting-edge raiding progress considering the time investment trade-off ratio.
  • We offer a professional but relaxed raiding atmosphere where you won't burn out.
  • We are a group of skilled raiders who have been playing together for a long time and have been beating content for even longer.
  • Our one goal is to clearing each tier of content before the next tier is released and have thus far never failed
  • People in genesis like achievement points. When progress raids are over we focus on all the raiding achievements the game has to offer.
  • Unique guides, accessible only for guild members, about raid encounters.
  • Tabard

What we expect from you:

  • Applying to Genesis, first & foremost means that you embrace and share our passion for progress raiding on a very light-weight schedule. Genesis raids 12 hours per week. If you have never before raided in such a light schedule you can expect 5 things:
  • You will have to improve your gaming in order to keep up with our learning pace. We learn & execute fights in mere hours, we intend to keep it that way so quality over quantity is a thing you have to keep in mind. Killing a boss on the first night? Why not.
  • Time is of the essence, we strive to squeeze every last second of our raiding hours in combat so slow corpse runs & generic slacktardness are not a viable option for our raiders.
  • We make up for our limited raiding hours in forums discussion. Everyone is expected to read & contribute to the on-going boss tactics threads. Showing up really well prepared for a new boss is what raiding in Genesis is all about.
  • There will be times, especially when progressing on more difficult encounters, when we do not have time to clear all the farm content before we go on to progress content. This means that sometimes our gear might be lacking.
  • There will be times, especially early during a new raiding content, when 5/6/7 days guilds will be progressing faster than we do. If you cannot understand that nearly every other competing guild out there raids two or three times as much as Genesis does and you are not OK with that then we suggest you move on and not waste our and your own time.
  • Potential applicants can expect to be faced with perhaps stricter selection criteria than most hardcore guilds would have in place. When you raid that little, you just cant have people who's situational awareness is the same of a moth drawn to flame.
  • Being an easy-going personality goes a long way. The social aspect of the guild is really strong, as we are an old and established community, there are many activities going on, 20 man raids, 10 man raids, alt raids, leveling up, PvP and so on, you can expect to find many people online during any time of the day. Being an ass towards other or disrespectful towards the management will only result in your removal sooner rather than later.
  • One of the keys to our success is a small raiding roster. That is why we require our members to be able to maintain as close as possible to 100% attendance. This does not mean you will have to attend a raid while being in a hospital though!

Our recruitment pool mainly consists of people who used to raid on a raiding schedule of 5+ days and have gotten to a point in life that they just don't want to dedicate more than 3 nights per week raiding, yet they want to clear all heroic content on the edge of raiding progress. We benefit from having a crew composed of a healthy mix of green, with their eyes set on proving themselves, as well as experienced veterans. If you like what you read so far and are either of the above, then scroll down to fill out our application form and Genesis could become a place to call home for years to come.
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Hardcore Raiding Progression voice TS3
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