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  • Genesis in Blizzcon, WoD launch madness & Beta recap!

    It's about time!

    So most of us (Read:all) will be eagerly awaiting on the wrong side of the, newly refurbished & red, Dark Portal long before 0:00. Silvermoon being the overpopulated server it is though; it's safe to expect many World Server crashes as well as ridiculous login queues prior to even being able to enjoy the aforementioned Server crashes. For those of you equipped with a lot of caffeine & fruits though (and patience first & foremost!) the rewards shall be nigh. We'll altogether cross into Draenor and thus begin our bold new adventures in the inhospitable world of the Iron Horde. But let's talk Beta for a moment...

    The full take on news (& pics) on Genesis #represent @ Blizzcon2014, as well as our detailed WoD Beta retrospective after the jump...

  • News flash!

    Our very own Hippetyhop has set a world record in solo Greater Rift runs for Barbarians - he managed to clear a Level 44 Rift (!) with this seasonal character.

    In other news, beta testing is going better than here's a related teaser:

    More news on Hippety's feat plus our news update on what's been going on with boosts & beta testing after the jump...

  • Genesis teams up with OpenRaid for our Heroic:SoO alt events!

    We have been trying to get a weekly alt run going for a while now; you see clearing SoO with our mains in 1 night, even if we deliver boosts at the same time, can be quite dull and it's been a wooping 5 months since we were done with progress in SoO already. This is where @OpenRaid comes in.

    We weren't really happy with running a 10man alt raid and thus decided to expand this by using everybody's favorite community when it comes to cross-realm raids organizing. So we reached out for people who would be interested in a smooth & pleasant experience on their alts and the results were pretty astonishing from the very first event we organized. Further events to come on a weekly basis!

  • Garrosh be dead, loljk still the boss in Warlords of Draenor!

    Lore...go figure! In any case it took us over 2 months(!) to kill Garrosh and we are definitely not happy with our performance there. However a weird spiral of events including (and not limited to) Romanian PhD(?!) exams, Christams Vacations(...), Login Servers issues and finally Blizzard's recent ban hammer hitting our Monk kiter of adds & our Feral Druid with permanent bans after a 20% wipe in Phase 4 the previous raid, lead to this inevitable delay! Read more...

  • Seven years old!

    A few days overdue but we still gathered for the annual guild photograph, this time in a random mountain peak on the Isle of Giants, located in the northern Pandaria shore. It's not every day a guild turns 7 years old and we are thoroughly happy to have made this this far^^ Read more...

  • Heroic:Paragons of the Klaxxi de-bugged!

    Quite the encounter Klaxxi are. A number of guilds killed it using an exploit that was later hotfixed by Blizzard's fabulous engineers only for said hotfix to utterly break numerous other aspects of the encounter, which they didn't realize about up until 2 nights ago... Typical! Read more...

  • Siegecrafter Blackfuse & Co disarmed!

    Such a thrilling encounter, I am sure that everyone here agrees that Blackfuse is the overall winner when it comes to fight designing in Siege of Orgrimmar. A clockwork boss, it requires precision & proper team execution. If only we hadn't wiped twice @ 0.5% the world would be a better place!